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2018 NJOMA Royalty Swear-In

NJOMA: A Student's View

"The conference began with an opening ceremony. Southern Paiyut and other local Native Americans gave a traditional and contemporary welcome to their 600+ participants. Eyes aglow with anticipation and hearts beating with the same energy, two students from a small town in Montana looked around at other youth there for the same thing. Experience."

                                                                                             -Excerpt from April Newsletter. 

Anxiety Tips:

Our Newsletter only has five of the ten strategies for helping an anxious child. Go to Special Mom Advocate's blog and read more on what you can do to help. 

Remember, experiencing anxiety can be scary for a lot of people. We at the JOM Program hope this can help. 

"To improve the educational experience and opportunities of all American Indian students who reside on the Flathead Indian Reservation."

 -JOM Mission Statement.