The Tribal Council is committed to providing an opportunity for enrolled tribal members to pursue higher education including vocational training. Tribal Higher Education scholarships are available to students to pursue their chosen course of study. The application process typically closes in early May for the upcoming academic year. All students who receive funding from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes are subject to the provisions contained in the Student Policy Handbook. Every effort will be made to be fair and equitable given our available resources. The handbook and application are available online here beginning in late January or the start of February each year. Funding is available for both undergraduate and graduate level students, as well as certain vocational programs through accredited institutions.

The Higher Education Scholarship Officer, Miranda Burland, is available to assist students in completing Higher Education, Vocational Training and Pell Grant (FAFSA) applications, providing information on financial aid resources, assisting students in choosing a school or career and helping them with the problems encountered while attending school.

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Available Documents

2020 USDA Tribal Scholars Program College Application.pdf
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2020 USDA Tribal Scholars Program High School Application.pdf
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2020_Tribal Colleges Internship through Haskell ERS_Brochure.pdf
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2020_Tribal Colleges Internship_Haskell Environmental Research S_ Flier.pdf
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American Indian Tuition Waiver for Montana University Systems.pdf
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Career and Technical Scholarship.pdf
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Career Discovery Internship Program.pdf
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Horatio Alger Montana Undergraduate Scholarship.pdf
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Master of Forest Resources in Forest Business Management.pdf
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MedStart 2020 Flyer_Eastern.pdf
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Native American Scholarships 2020 American Indian .html
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Truman D. Picard Scholarship Announcement.pdf
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updated New WSU Na-ha-shnee STEAM Health Online Summer Institute.pdf
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US Department of Agriculture Rural Development 1994 Tribal Scholars Program_web.pdf
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USDA Career-Track Scholarships in Agriculture for Tribal Students.pdf
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