Parent and Student Advocacy

The TEA works as an advocate for families when there are educational issues that arise. The TEA combines their advocacy role and works as a liaison between the parents, students and the school. The TEA can attend any meetings with the school upon parental request. These meetings can include IEP’s (Individualized Education Plans), 504 Plans regarding a child's disability as identified by the law, the discussion and implementation of a Behavior Plan, suspension or expulsion hearings, attendance concerns or any other meetings with the school and parent that may occur. 

Staff Contact:

Alfred DeRoche works with the Arlee, Nkwusm and St. Ignatius communities/schools. Phone: (406)675-2700 ext. 1070     Email: 

Sarah BigSam works with the Charlo, Dixon, Early Childhood Services/Head Start and Ronan communities/schools. Phone: (406)675-2700 ext. 1072     Email:

Karissa Trahan will work with the Dayton, Hot Springs, Polson and Valley View communities/schools. Phone: (046)675-2700 ext. 1405     Email: 

All three advocates support with advocacy at Two Eagle River School.